#Fail: Political parties out of touch with social media opportunities for engagement

Voter apathy, and a general disinterest in political parties is a problem in this country. The current government, and the apparent lack of an alternative choice has led to fatigue and indifference.

A new survey has suggested that the three main political parties are not using digital media to communicate with their voters, and are therefore failing to engage and interest the public in their policies and with politics in general.

During the whole of April 2012, a key month for the political parties regarding the London Mayoral election, there were just 68 Facebook updates and 79 tweets from all three main political parties. This is an appalling effort at using a means of direct communication with the people that the parties need to address. The lack of effort using social media is especially wasteful given the high number of Twitter followers and Facebook likes that each party has, and fails to utilise.

On Google too, little effort has been made. Every month thousands of search engine entries are looking for political information, yet the three main parties fail to come into the top 4 pages of search results on the majority of popular political searches; including the NHS, immigration and foreign policy.

The internet, and social media especially, have become vital tools in the spreading of messages and encouraging support for groups, peoples charities, essentially everything. It is political parties especially, who are supposed to reflect the views of their voters, and work for what benefits people that should be utilising the powerful tool of social media in corresponding with the electorate.

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