Global Biometric Watch, So What's Happening in the UK ?

Billions and billions of sterling, dollars, yen, and euros have been spent in the biometrics and technician industry, exploring, inventing perfecting a myriad of ways with which to track us all from cradle to grave. The difference now is that people all over the planet are well aware of the agenda and can take evasive action.

Through the complicity of the big boys in mainstream media, they would not have gotten this far without the agreed media blackout on the elites' activities during these past five decades, but as we now see, you can't fool all the people all the time.

Since the beginning of year 2000, we can see how orchestrated events have then led to the installation of the surveillance society, most heavily I believe in the UK and the USA.

The reason given? To fight the *war on terror* the elites' fabrication, giving them the "legitimacy". However in time, the people have come to understand that we, the people, are the enemy and the goal is to imprison us within their technocratic constructs as slaves.

How? Through all the technologies we see around us so prevalently today, mobile phones, a geo-locater, a listening and tracking device, through the internet and emails, social media, tracking and information gathering, through biometric devices used in passports, bank cards, through finger-printing, more information gathering, CCTV cameras, an enormous number in the UK, all kicked off by Blair, to keep us "safe" from terrorist attacks. Yes Mr.Blair, you will be remembered.

In the UK at the moment we have some 4 million CCTV cameras from the most northern tip of Scotland, John O'Groats, to the southerly tip of England, aptly named, Land's End. We have a programme of finger-printing children in schools from primary through senior school for all manner of reasons including library books and safe delivery of school lunch. What in effect the elites are doing here is conditioning the children to arbitrarily give up their freedom and human rights at school level.They are being catalogued early in preparation to become the good little conditioned slaves when they grow up and enter the workforce, a dominant theme is "THE COMMON PURPOSE" this is just a sham, a lie, conditioning with clever little words, Neuro Linguistic Programming, a mantra to be repeated, a new religion perhaps. They are attempting to steal this generation of children.

We recently have had a modest victory in the UK, smart meters have been stated as non-compulsory due to health and safety reasons. This 24/7 wifi data transmitter and energy controller, has suffered a backlash across USA/Canada/Australia/UK and rightly so.

Far from cutting bills, it inceases bills, then the energy company proceeds to tell you, you should not wash clothes till after peak-time to save, so people are washing clothes after 9pm. This is Energy Dictatorship, and there is no lack of free or low-cost energy to be had, check Peter Lindemann, energy expert for over 30 years.

On the ground, at the street level, I have seen biometric booths installed in post offices recently, probably across the country.They look innocent enough just like one of those photo booths, only it will be for a much more sinister purpose in time to come. The way the elites have achieved their mission is through creep. If the entire mechanism was introduced all at once, of course it would raise alarm. So in the past 10/12 years we have had a creeping agenda. These biometric booths will in time be used for all manner of biometric recording and tracking of the population. I can envisage that it will be used for finger-printing, iris scanning, maybe even some kind of micro-chipping. I personally will not walk into one. They are lined up to a serving hatch so that you have to walk through it to be served at the window. I just avoid it completely. Again conditioning, we get used to seeing them around.

It would be interesting to note the biometric agenda being rolled out in other countries that have acquiesced. In South Africa for instance when you renew your passport you now have to give all ten finger-prints. We know that India is rolling out its biometric project, the biggest in the world, as they attempt to biometricise 1.2 billion people, doomed to fail I think. It would be interesting if readers put up any other biometric activity going on in their country of origin.

Talented people are cleverly inventing apparatus to circumvent or scan for, or duplicate in the backlash to this agenda.Humans are innovaters and necessity has always been the mother of invention.

I would like to thank some great guys who have brought awareness to the masses and I am so grateful to them all, David Icke( one of the first) globalresearch, zerohedge, Max Keiser, the dailybell, beforeitsnews, veteranstoday, Ben Fulford, Wilcock, Rense, Jim Willie, Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Corbettreport, Molyneux, Peter Eyres, and so so many more....thanks to all.

If you are of the mindset that if it's not happening to me why should I bother, well let me tell you my friend, it will be happening to you next. If you don't care about your neighbour, you do not care about yourself. What happens to your neighbour will happen to you too.

This is a global conversation for freedom, and the people of the world should unite by fighting the fight in their own backyards and their own communities,in time this collective action will make a difference globally.

This is a global conversation for FREEDOM.

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