Goldman Sachs Rules, the Globalists' takeover continues

The new anointed 'king of the Bank of England' cometh and he is not British. His name is Mark Carney - a Goldman Sachs man - all hail the new king.

Last year in a shock interview with the BBC, trader Alessio Rastani clearly warned people to save themselves in the ensuing economic holocaust, and he also told the shocked BBC interviewer that Goldman Sachs rules, not governments.

We were clearly told that in effect our politicians are just muppets and maybe the time will come when we, the people, must talk directly to the 'king of the Bank of England' and not Parliament.

So to continue on the thread of "Goldman Sachs rules" last year, Alessio Rastani an american trader, kindly pointed out in a shock BBC interview that the banksters rule and not the governments, continuing the theme. Goldman Sachs' men can be found in powerful positions all over Europe - Greece, Italy, the European Central Bank. In this Zerohedge article, you will see exactly how far-reaching are the Goldman Sachs tentacles.

On The Goldman Path To Complete World Domination: Mark Carney On His Way To Head The Bank Of England?

....and the latest move, to replace the Head of the Bank of England, by yet another Goldman Sachs man, Mark Carney, so take note people, the NEW BOSS of the United Kingdom, forget the politicians. I think it is high time that the general public should talk directly to the bank chiefs instead of their minions,

Back in November we penned "The Complete And Annotated Guide To The European Bank Run (Or The Final Phase Of Goldman's World Domination Plan)" in which we described what the long-term reality of Europe, not that interrupted by the occasional transitory LTRO cash injection and other stop-gap central bank measure, would look like. And yet there was one piece missing: after Goldman unceremoniously set up its critical plants in Italy via Mario Monti and the ECB via Mario Draghi, one key target of Goldman domination was still missing. The place? Why the center of the entire modern infinitely rehypothecatable financial system of course: England, which may have 1,000x consolidated debt/GDP, but at least it can repledge any asset in perpetuity thus giving the world the impression it is solvent (no wonder AIG, MF Global, and now the CME are scrambling to operate out of there). Which is why we read with little surprise that none other than former Goldmanite, and current head of the Bank of Canada, is on his way to the final frontier: the Bank of England.....

So I guess it's all approved by the City of London Corporation, huh? This looks like another undemocratic and also non-national take-over of the power over a sovereign economy.

I guess HM The Queen and Prime Minister David Cameron will need to move over.

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