Monsanto Beaten Back, a Global Precedent Set

Monsanto Beaten Back, a Global Precedent Set

Monsanto, has gained the distinction of being the most hated company on the planet,
attacking the natural vitality and life-force of mother earth and it's creatures with a vindictive vengeance.

Through expert Dr. Huber,(a 35 year expert in the field) interviewed by Dr.Mercola in the USA, natural health expert,we have been categorically told, that he has identified an organism which attacks the digestive system and the endocrine system in humans animals and birds, causing us all to be susceptible to harmless diseases that good gut flora would otherwise have neutralised, but which have now turned into killers, especially for cows.

Through specifically attacking the endocrine system, our fertility has been harmed in both men and women, bird and beast.Dr.Huber explained, we are 50% less fertile than 20 years ago, there are late miscarriages happening, in animals and humans, a whole array of problems with conception, it is all a horrendous attack on food and life.

People all over the planet are fighting back on many many fronts and this is one.
We are all entitled to wholesome organic food, untainted by poisons, we are all entitled to our babies, when we decide we want them, and not to have these choices taken away from us in a secret agenda.

We have many reports coming through of pushing Monsanto and their agenda back and this I am celebrating.

(NaturalNews) A massive victory against Monsanto and genetically engineered seeds has been achieved in the United Kingdom today. Monsanto has announced a total withdrawal from the UK, shuttering its Cambridge-based wheat production operation. UK newspaper Daily Mail was instrumental in promoting opposition against Monsanto through its "Frankenstein Foods" educational campaign (

Bayer CropScience has also cancelled its planned GMO crop trials in the UK, signaling a near total collapse of agricultural imperialism in the UK. In France they have also been rejected and Hungary has burnt trial fields of Monsanto GM crops. The backlash and rejection is building.

If they can stop Monsanto in the UK, then they can be stopped in the USA!
The defeat of Monsanto and all the other merchants of death who peddle poisonous seeds is, of course, a powerfully positive sign for those who are trying to protect life in the United States. We know that GMOs are death for agriculture, death for bird populations, death for honey bee pollinators, and death for the soils.

Here we have a report of how Monsanto continually tries to patent the animals and food mother nature bestowed to us all.Monsanto is attempting to patent pigs. Now this animal is a staple for billions of people across the planet, billions, and somehow Monsanto wants to OWN the pig. This can NEVER be allowed to happen NEVER

Greenpeace researcher uncovers chilling patent plans, they have now been working on this for some time. There are more than 160 countries and territories mentioned where the patent is sought including Europe, the Russian Federation, Asia (India, China, Philippines) America (USA, Brazil, Mexico), Australia and New Zealand. WIPO itself can only receive applications, not grant patents. The applications are forwarded to regional patent offices. What do they want to own?

Claim 16 asks for a patent on: "A pig offspring produced by a method ..."
Claim 17 asks for a patent on: "A pig herd having an increased frequency of a specific ...gene..."
Claim 23 asks for a patent on: "A pig population produced by the method..."
Claim 30 asks for a patent on: "A swine herd produced by a method..."

What they want to own, in time is the entire global pig population.
The kind of food dictatorship Monsanto want to bring to the world is a devastating theft of the rights of the human race. This is a truly evil agenda and must never be allowed to happen, we all need to fight this tooth and nail in every community globally.

Monsanto's agenda for bees, is to wipe out the entire bee population so that natural cross pollination would become extinct and apparently they have developed some kind of super bee that will only cross pollinate Monsanto GM seed. How much more destruction can one company bring to our beautiful world and the beautiful people on it. They are desecrating this planet and all life on it, and then we get all that rhetoric from politicians about saving the planet, green policies, carbon footprint, conservation, blah blah blah, while the politicians allow a comoany like Monsanto to DESTROY everything. What does that tell you people ?

Here we have another victory for a "little guy",Percy Schmeiser, David v Goliath, a canadian farmer took Monsanto on, stood up after threats, took them to court and set a precedent, that can now be used by other farmers all over the world. A documentary made can be seen at the link, bottom of this article.

Monsanto have taken many farmers to court who unknowingly had stray GM seeds growing on their land swept in by the wind, subsequently sued and ruined by an army of Monsanto lawyers.

Again we have a situation here where this company has free licence to be absolutely lawless and this is the symptom of the environment that has been created by our present leaders, whether they are in Europe, UK or the USA. This kind of lawlessness we see throughout the upper echelons of power, from banks to government to politicians to global companies.
This contempt and unaccountability to the people of the planet is totally unnacceptable
and we, the people, are fighting on all fronts, we have been truly under attack on every level.
A quick note on some investors in Monsanto, Bill Gates and Soros to name just two.

This is a global conversation for freedom, what they do to one, they do to us all.

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