Will They Get The Big Money Out Of Politics?

Is Ed Miliband’s proposal that party donations should be capped at just £5000 a bid to play the martyr considering that less than 10% of the party’s income comes from donations?

This is what Conservative housing minister Grant Shapps thinks; stating that Miliband’s interview on the Andrew Marr how was “disingenuous”. Last year Miliband’s party received over £8 million pounds from union political levy payers. Union members are automatically enrolled to donate £3 to the party unless they choose to opt out, giving Labour a guaranteed income every year.

The Tory party are in talks this week about how they will alter their donations after it was discovered that some members, in particular Peter Cruddas, were accepting donations in return for the chance to meet David Cameron. They were then using this opportunity to change policies and influence the Prime Minister. Currently they are suggesting a cap of £50,000 pounds per donation but Ed Miliband is saying that they are still in the same situation they are now as it would be perfectly possible for an individual to donate £250,000 over the course of a parliament.

Many believe that it is a big risk trying to get the big money out of politics but with the outcry of last month it seems as though the three major parties will have no choice but to try.

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