15 Lebanese government websites hacked

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15 Lebanese government websites have been hacked by a group called "Raise Your Voice", Reuters report on Tuesday.

In the messages left on each website the group asked for the improvement in living standards and for the intervention of the government to end electricity and water shortages.

"We will not stop until the standards of living are raised to where they should be in Lebanon," said the message posted on the Ministry of Justice website. The text was accompanied by a cartoon (see above picture).

Amongst the websites targeted were the National News Agency, the Presidency and energy and water, justice and foreign affairs ministries.

"Raise Your Voice" described itself on the hacked websites as "simply a group of people who could not bare sitting in silence, watching all the crimes and injustice going on in Lebanon".

These attacks come as the parliament launches a three-day session to assess the cabinet’s performance, Naharnet Website reported.

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