Argentina: Mother found newborn baby alive in morgue

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A newborn baby who had been declared dead was found alive 12 hours later in the morgue in Argentina, Emirates24/7 report quoting a health official as saying.

The incident happened at the Perrando Hospital, in the city of Resistencia, northeastern Argentina.

The baby girl was found alive after her mother insisted on seeing the body of her late-child one more time.

"At night I went with my husband to where the little box was. A man pried it open. I suddenly heard a whimper. She was all covered up and full of something that looked like frost," the mother told the local press.

Following the incident 5 staff members, including doctors and nurses, have been suspended. The case will be investigated said Rafael Sabatinelli, the health undersecretary of Chaco province.

The parents then decided to name their daughter Luz Milagros. Milagros being the Spanish word for "miracles."

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