Assad did not respect ceasefire and shelling continues, activists say [VIDEO]

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Since early this morning the situation in Syria has been relatively calm compared to the previous day, however several activists on the ground claim that Assad has not respected the ceasefire gunfire and that shelling and attacks continue in several cities. Two videos uploaded on Youtube today purportedly show shelling the Khaldiyeh neighbourhood of Homs (see video 1) and in the Qarabees neighbourhood (see video 2). Activist 'Sammy' who tweets under the name of @Samsomhoms reports explosions in the northern part of Homs. He tweeted: Explosions just hit the north part of #Homs city #Syria The Local Coordination Committees say that five shells were launched from the Homs citadel and landed in the Old city. The LCC also report sounds of sniper's gunfire and artillery shelling in the Qarabees neighbourhood of Homs. Two explosions were also heard in Idlib, according to the LCC. Intense gunfire has also been heard around the national hospital checkpoint inside the city. The LCCS also say that security forces attacked demonstrators in Deir Ezzor. Regime forces reportedly arrested several civilians in the Damascus suburb of Moadamyeh, in the town of Jasem in Deraa province, and in the town of Janoudieh in Idlib. Many videos also show that Syrian troops have not withdrawn (see video 3). The LCC add that military reinforcements were sent to the Damascus suburb of Moadamyeh and in Hama.

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