Assad forces open fire on protesters at Aleppo university [VIDEO]

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Earlier this morning the situation was reportedly calm in Syria according to Annan's plan which included the implementation of a ceasefire at 6am on Thursday morning, however activists have been reporting several breaches of the ceasefire.

This video uploaded on Youtube today reportedly shows security forces opening fire this morning at protesters demonstrating at the University of Aleppo, northern Syria.

Some activists and experts have claimed that Assad will not respect the ceasefire because it will lead to even bigger demonstrations against the regime. On Thursday, the Syrian National Council, the main opposition group in Syria, called on Syrians to take the streets and demonstrate on the day of the ceasefire.

"We call on the people to demonstrate and express themselves...The right to demonstrate is a principle point of the plan", the Head of the opposition council said.

According to activist four people have been killed in Syria today.

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