Bahrain: Funeral march turns violent in Bilad Qadeem [VIDEO]

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Police clashed with mourners during a funeral march in memory of Salah Abbas Habib on Thursday. Salah Abbas Habib who was found dead on the roof of a building a day before the Grand Prix in Shakoura, a village west of Manama.

Police shot tear gas to disperse the crowd. According to activists, the funeral procession in Bilad Qadeem was disrupted when it arrived in the cemetery.

Salah Abbas Habib was reportedly killed by police forces. A video posted on Youtube last week shows a man, reportedly Habib, being beaten by security forces.

An examination carried out by a doctor in the presence of lawyers and members of the Al Wefaq Party revealed that his neck had been broken and there were bruises on his hand and leg.

The official death certificate listed “internal bleeding and gunshot wounds” as the cause of death.

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