Bahrain: Regime supporters backed by police ransack supermarket [VIDEO]

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It was reported earlier this week that a group of vandals ransacked a supermarket and damaged two cars belonging to the Shi'ite majority in retaliation for a bomb attack against policemen in Bahrain.

A new video uploaded on Youtube yesterday backs the opposition's version of the event. The footage reportedly shows a group of young men trashing a supermarket owned by members of the Shi'ite community. The images also show policemen helping the vandals to escape.

Following the incident the Al-Wefaq society, the largest Shi'ite opposition group in Bahrain, accused police forces of failing to stop the attacks. Others who witnessed the event said security forces did not intervene or proceed to any arrests.

Surprisingly enough, a statement published on the Ministry of Interior's website on Wednesday says that after investigation 11 suspects were identified and arrested in connection with the attack on the supermarket. Overall 17 people were arrested and "referred to public prosecutor" following the disturbances on Tuesday night by government supporters.

Now, it remains to be seen how serious the government is regarding the prosecution of the detainees.

Members of the Shi'ite community have been demonstrating and demanding reforms since March 2011. They claims that they have been marginalised by the Sunni minority in power in Bahrain for more that two hundred years.

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