Bahrain: Thousands stage anti-regime protest & demand democratic reforms [PICS]

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Thousands of protesters gathered on Friday and staged an anti-government protest in the town of Sehla, west of Manama.

The demonstration entitled "Democracy gather us", organized by Al-Wefaq society the main opposition group in Bahrain, brought together academics, teachers, physicians and clerics amongst others. They all protested against the Khalifa regime and demanded further democratic reforms. They also demanded the resignation of the prime minister who has been in position for 42 years.

Tens of armoured vehicles and police Jeeps were deployed ahead of the protest (see video 1).

Members of the Shi'ite community have been demanding democratic reforms for more than a year now. The Shi'ite majority say they feel marginalized by the Sunni Khalifa regime, which has been in power in Bahrain for more than 200 years.

The Bahraini revolution has been the centre of attention during the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix, which took place last weekend. Unfortunately, it seems that the media attention has left the Grand Prix. Protests and clashes between police forces and protesters have been happening almost everyday throughout the kingdom.

According activists more than 80 people have died since the beginning of the uprising in February 2011.

Photos via @SAIDYOUSIF, @IHussainBH, and @SM_ALAWI

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