Brazilian President's approval of dam will flood 400,000 hectares of natural forest

While newspapers and television talk about the lives of celebrities, the chief of the Kayapo tribe in Brazil received the worst news of his life: The new president of Brazil has given approval to build a huge hydroelectric plant (the third largest in the world) within their habitat.

It is a death sentence for all the people near the river because the dam will flood 400,000 hectares of forest. More than 40,000 Indigenous Indians will have to find another place to live.
The natural habitat destruction, deforestation and the disappearance of many species is a certain.

The photo is the reaction of the chief of the Kayapo community when he learned of the decision today —his gesture of dignity and helplessness before the advance of capitalist progress and the modern predatory of a civilization that does not respect the differences in cultures.

Sign the AVAAZ Petition to stop the dam here:

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