Dubai police deny Burj Khalifa on fire

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Rumours spread on social media but police say the worlds tallest building is not on fire

USER: 'A friend of mine tells me the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest builiding in Dubai, is on fire.'

However local police denied reports about a fire breaking out and termed it as a rumour, a "Blackberry story".

The rumour spread Twitter and Facebook with many users posting pictures of what appears like bright light on one side of Burj Khalifa.

Gulf News added that some other users said they either called friends who lived near the Burj or went there to check it out, but none claimed to have seen the fire.

The picture above is from Twitter and has been circulating for the last hour.

Blottr has contacted some users in Dubai who have said they have driven around the building and it is not on fire.

Gulf News said the Dubai Civil Defence was not immediately available for comment.

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