Chávez's health under speculation

Venezuelan journalist and blogger Nelson Bocaranda has said that Hugo Chávez's health has gotten worse in the last days. Although the official press doesn't confirm anything, Chávez is believed to have flown to Cuba to carry on the treatment against cancer. Last weekend, he didn't host his traditional TV show "Hello, president" and on Saturday he had to urgently be seen by doctors at Palacio Miraflores.

In his column called "Run runes", published online and in 'El Universal' newspaper, the journalist Nelson Bocaranda said:

"President Chávez's son and daughter have gone to Cuba. One of his daughters was in Buenos Aires, and his son was in Barrinas"

The 57 year-old Venezuelan president has been facing a cancer since last year. After going through four "stages" of chemotherapy he assured the public that he was cured, although Chávez never offered details about the disease and the treatment.

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