F1 Fans say Bahrain Grand Prix should not go ahead

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Over the past weeks, as violence is escalating in Bahrain ahead of the F1 Grand Prix, journalists and F1 fans have expressed doubts regarding the CEO of Formula One Management's claims saying that there is no problem in Bahrain.

During the Bahrain Grand Prix media lunch in London last week Bernie Ecclestone said that the media were responsible for spreading false information and compared street battles happening everyday in the Kingdom to hooliganism.

Journalist Joe Saward wrote a piece on his blog titled “Worrying developments in Bahrain” where he expresses his concerns regarding the upcoming race considering the situation in Bahrain. A 22-year-old citizen journalist was shot dead on Friday.

His piece has received more than 60 comments, most of them from fans saying that considering the recent developments in the island the race should be cancelled.

Here are some of the comments:


Hope you put your words to good use Joe and “abstain” from this Baharain Grand Prix and demand that your other F1 associates do the same.

Susan Lawrence Helke

The Bahraini government continues to show its brutal stripe in quelling any protest or demonstration. If the F1 event takes place, there are sure to be demonstrations to attract media attention; to make sure the F1 race goes ahead without interruption, the government is likely to increase its actions against protesters…. I love F1, but I have to question motives in holding a race at this time, in this country


I’m beginnning to think that, for all his nous, Mr. E has finally lost the plot. Taking F1 into what is, in effect, a civil war, isn’t rational. Please take care of yourself, Joe.

Tony G

Joe, I can’t believe this is going ahead. Does Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lucozade, Vodafone Red Bull etc. really want their logos broadcast against a background of brutal treatment of protestors by government forces? I suspect that this race will go ahead amid intense security the like we have never seen before at a sporting event. My bet is that Bernie will finally realise his dream of a race without spectators. After all that’s the only way you could secure the circuit which will probably be in an exclusion zone separated from the rest of the country. I reckon only those holding the appropriate passes will be allowed in. Either way it is a disgrace that the FIA hasn’t stepped in to take the only action possible.

Joe Saward

I am lost for words.


If you’re lucky the thing will get cancelled and you won’t have to go through with going and being part of the problem you’re reporting on! I’m still amazed you continue to criticise the “circus” which *you* will be part of.

Others said that cancelling the race would be a mistake, however they were a small minority.


It would be an acceptable break to your long streak of races attended. No GP is worth dying in the streets!

The above shows an evident consensus amongst F1Fans regarding Bahrain F1 Grand prix. Oppositions activists in Bahrain have been demanding the cancellation of the race for weeks. They have planned to demonstrate all the way throughout the event.

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