F.B.I. replaces Bin Laden on Most Wanted List

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The F.B.I. finally replaced Osama bin Laden's place on their Most Wanted list, adding Eric J. Toth, a schoolteacher from the Washington area accused of possessing child pornography, the first time since 2009 that the F.B.I. had added a fugitive to the list. The F.B.I. said "Eric Justin Toth, a former private-school teacher and camp counselor accused of possessing and producing child pornography, is the newest addition to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List." "Toth, who also goes by the name David Bussone, has been on the run since warrants for his arrest were issued in Maryland and the District of Columbia in 2008. There is a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading directly to Toth’s arrest, and we need your help to locate him." 494 fugitives have been on the “Top Ten” list, and 465 have been apprehended or located since its creation in 1950. On their website the F.B.I. said “We have always counted on the public’s support to help capture fugitives and solve cases,” said Mike Kortan, assistant director of our Office of Public Affairs. “The addition of Eric Toth to the Top Ten list illustrates how important it is to get this individual off the streets and into custody.” "Our investigation began in June 2008, after pornographic images were found on a camera that had been in Toth’s possession at the private school where he worked. Since becoming a fugitive, he is believed to have traveled to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Investigators believe he lived in Arizona as recently as 2009." ABOUT TOTH Toth turned 30 on February 13. He is 6’3” tall and weighs about 155 pounds. He has brown hair, green eyes, and a medium complexion. He has a mole under his left eye. Toth is well educated—he attended Cornell University for a year and then transferred to Purdue University, where he earned an education degree. He is described as a computer expert and is believed to regularly use the Internet and social networking websites. He may advertise online as a tutor or male nanny. "We have had a couple of vacancies on the list that we've been trying to fill," said Kevin L. Perkins, the F.B.I.'s acting executive director for criminal and cyber operations, referring to the spots left by bin Laden and the Boston crime boss James (Whitey) Bulger, who was arrested last June. In fact, just last month, officials were preparing to ask the bureau's director for approval to choose a fugitive accused of killing three police officers in Puerto Rico. But then that person was caught.

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