iPad 3 set for March release

Apple plans to launch new tablet

There have been many rumours about the launch of Apple's next-generation iPad, but All Things D are reporting that the iPad 3 will be introduced at an event in San Francisco during the first week of March—the same week the iPad 2 was announced last year. The event will be held in San Francisco, presumably at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple’s preferred location for big announcements like these says All Things D.

Equipped with a higher-resolution "retina" display, upgraded camera, thicker body, a quad-core processor, and even possibly LTE support, the iPad 3 will be the widely regarded as another upgrade to the iPad 2.

LTE 4G is the must-have feature for the iPad 3. The sheer size of the iPad and the battery power it packs means there is no excuse to leave this critical feature out. Most of the competition (HTC, Motorola, Samsung) already has LTE tablets for sale.

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