[VIDEO & PICS] Syria: Student shot dead outside Aleppo University

Two western journalists have been killed in Homs today. 80 people killed by Syrian regime's shelling today including 60 people in Baba Amro (Homs).

17:26 There are reports that a representative from the UN will be heading to Syria soon to negotiate the delivery of humanitarian aid to victims.

17:20Senior Republican US Senator John McCain said on Wednesday that the world must help the Syrian people and put an immediate end to the on-going "massacre". He compared the situation in Syria to the massacre in Kosovo and Bosnia. This statement comes as the Committee to Protect Journalists condemned the "unacceptable" killings of American reporter Marie Colvin and French photographer Remi Ochlik in Homs this morning.

17:02 The death toll is rising in Syria. Activists say that more than 80 people have been killed by security forces including more than 60 in the Baba Amro, Homs.

16:48 We were telling you earlier about Syrian forces firing at students in Aleppo University. A video posted on Youtube reportedly shows students being fired at on Wednesday at Aleppo University. We can clearly hear gunshot and see students running.

16:40 iloubnan.info a Lebanese media reported yesterday:

CNN discovered two viruses targetting Syrian activists. Viruses steal their identities and passwords so pro-Assad militiamen can impersonate them on online chats and contact their networks.

According to an IT specialist from a syrian opposition group, Syrian regime is using trojan horse to infest computers and steal identities. The virus was sent to CNN who gave it to a cyber security expert form Norton antivirus company.

16:31 Activists are reporting on twitter that a device used by the Syrian regime to determine the location of activists. Since communications have been cut off, many activists are using satellite to access the internet or to use phone. Activist @damascustweets tweeted:

It is believed that the #Syria'n regime has a device that discovered locations of activists using satellite phones + internet

16:30 Footage from today reportedly showing shelling in Baba Amro.

16:27 European Union governments are considering implementing stiffer sanctions on Syria such as trade restrictions, a freeze on central bank assets. a ban on Syrian-run cargo flights into the 27-nation bloc, AFP reported.

16:14 60 bodies were reportedly found in Baba Amro, Homs.

16:07 French reporter Jean-Pierre Perrin said in an interview to Radio France Info that western journalists are directly targeted. "we were told that the Syrian regime intended to kill all the journalists", he told France Info.

Jean-Pierre Perrin spent 17 days in Homs (he is now in Beirut). Over the past few days he has worked with american journalist Marie Colvin and French photojournalist Rémi Ochlik who were both killed this morning.

15:58 Protests in Aleppo University continue. Hundreds of students are protesting around the campus.

Video reportedly showing students rescuing one of their fellow students from being seized by security forces.

15:21 A student was shot dead by security forces during a demonstration in front of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

15:05 Despite outrage voiced within the international community regarding this morning's attacks, shelling continue in Baba Amro.

These two videos show heavy pounding Wednesday in Baba Amro, Homs.

14:38 The two journalists injured this morning and appearing on the video (see 11:36) are British journalist Paul Conroy and French journalist Edith Bouvier (Le Figaro). They were in the house with Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik when it was shelled by security forces.

14:28 This footage reportedly shows students demonstrating in central Damascus.

14:19 After the US also described the death of the Western journalists in Homs as “shameless brutality” of the Syrian regime, Syrian minister said his government was unaware that western journalists had entered the country, reported AFP.

As to Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz, he told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that the dialogue with the Syrian regime was “futile” (AFP).

14:11 Since this morning, the situation in Aleppo has been hectic. Despite heavy gunfire and attacks on protesters, students keep resuming protests. Four protesters have been injured by security forces' gunfire.

Reinforcements have also been sent to the campus, the LCCS reports that the “road leading to the Aleppo University has been blocked and many students are besieged in their colleges”. According to the LCCS, the regime forces have also proceeded to several arrests.

In the city of Aleppo, lawyers have been filling complaints regarding attacks on students by what activists call “shabiha”, civilian-dressed men acting on behalf of Assad regime.

Students have also taken down the statue of Hafez al-Assad, former Syrian president and father of Bashar al-Assad's, and raised the Syrian Independence Flag.

13:53 In Syria the LCCS reports once again that the number of death has increased. Thus far 30 people have been killed across rge country including two foreign journalists, a Kurdish leader, 20 in Homs,5 in Hama, 2 from Khan Shiekoun in Idlib, and one in each of Daraa and Aleppo

13:00 The LCCS report that Syrian forces reinforcements have been sent to Douma (Damascus suburbs). Meanwhile in Aleppo activists reports that two ambulances have arrived to deliver help to the wounded (see 12:32).

In Harasta (Damascus suburbs) violent clashes broke out between soldiers who defected and regime forces, report the LCCS. Military reinforcements have also been sent to Deraa such as rocket launchers and tanks. The LCCS says residents fear the city is about to be shelled.

This video shows several members of the same family wounded as they rescued from the rubbles after their house was shelled in Rastan.


12:42 After saying that the "regime must go", France demanded access to deliver aid to injured and also summoned its Syrian envoy, AFP reported on Wednesday.

12:32 Activists report that many students have been injured at Aleppo University as the army stormed the campus and directly fired at students demonstrating (see 12:26).

The LCCS now reports that Syrian forces conducted a raid in a school in the Jobar neighborhood of Damascus. According to the LCCS "several students were arrested and others were humiliated". Also, they checked their bags, stole their cell-phones and snipers were deployed on the rooftop of the school

The LCCS report that an entire family was killed by the shelling in Rastan (Homs).

12:27 The LCCS report that the Harak town of Deraa, regime forces are randomly shooting on the street. This video posted on the facebook page of the LCCS reportedly shows army tanks roaming around the town and firing.

12:26 At Aleppo University, where many students have been demonstrating, the regime attacked students with heavy gunfire “coming from the Ba'ath Party headquarters”. Tear gas canisters were also used against students reports the LCCS quoting the Union of free Syrian students. All the entrances into the University have been close.

12:20 Syria said on Wednesday that it refused to allow a humanitarian corridor as the ICRC asked on Tuesday.

12:06 Following this morning's attack and the death of two foreign journalists, French president Nicolas Sarkozy said that the Syrian “regime must go,” (AFP).

11:48 The LCCS called this morning for a boycott of the referendum that will take place on February 26, 2012 in order to "prevent the regime from hiding its crimes and to thwart its attempts to manipulate the future of our country". The LCCS also called for a general strike on the day of the referendum.

This referendum announced by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad last week is supposed to put an end to the one-party rule and introduce pluralism in the political life of the country. The LCCS said "The regime is using the draft constitution to cover its continued massacres throughout Syrian cities and towns and avoid accountability for its crimes" before dismissing the draft asserting that "the constitution is a fundamental document that governs day-to-day life, and cannot be drafted in the absence of peaceful conditions." Here is the full statement from the LCCS.

11:36 We were reporting earlier on two injured journalists (see 10:51). This video posted on Youtube reportedly shows two foreign journalists in an Hospital in Baba Amro. Although they have been injured their life is not in danger.

11:24 As the Syrian National Council said that Wednesday’s events proved that the only viable solution to the crisis in Syria was a military intervention, Russia expressed "serious concern" regarding the humanitarian situation in Syria and said it supported the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) call for a daily two-hour truce that would permit to deliver aid to civilians.(Now Lebanon)

11:12 The number of death in Syria today has risen to 20, among them 1 French journalist, 1 American journalist, and a Kurdish leader, say the LCCS. 19 were killed in Baba Amro (Homs) and 1 in Aleppo

10:51 The global campaign organization Avaaz confirmed the death of Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik along 7 activists. It also confirmed that two journalists have seriously injured in the attack and have now been taken to hospital.

Baba Amro news reports that "Avaaz worked with Marie Colvin and helped Remi Ochlik get into Homs to report the month-old siege".

Alice Jay, Campaigns Director of Avaaz said: "The horror stories reported by these brave journalists from the rubble of Syrian cities are the greatest challenge to Assad's brutality. With a ban on foreign media, Avaaz has helped over 45 journalists get into the war zone and get the truth out. This week in Tunisia the Friends of Syria must act to stop this siege on the Syrian people. "

According to activists, the journalists were clearly the target as the "house [...] was a well known temporary press center in Homs which sat next door to a hospital."

10:39 Last night's report of Marie Colvin. She spoke to CNN about the situation deteriorating in Syria. She was killed in Homs today.

10:36 The LCCS reports that 17 people have died in Syria on Wednesday including the two foreign journalists, Remi Ochlik and Mary Colvin.( see 9:50)

10:33 Video reportedly showing Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik. This is impossible to confirm. Here is another video

10:09 According to Sherine Tadros (Al-Jazeera english correspondant) quoting activists, 9 people were injured in the attack on the house where the two foreign journalists were killed.(see 9:50). Amongst them 3 journalists, one British and one French male journalist and one female French journalist in "critical conditions".

9:50 Two journalists were reportedly killed in Syria. It is reported that the two journalists who were killed in Homs are an american correspondent of The Sunday Times of London Marie Colvin and French journalist Remi Ochlik. Reuters reported that the incident happened when shells hit the house they were staying in, opposition activists and witnesses told them.

Since the beginning of the uprising in Syria and more particularly since the beginning of the regime offensive on Homs three weeks ago, citizen journalists have largely contributed to provide the media and therefore the world with information to ensure the international community knew about the barbaric attacks orchestrated by the Syrian regime. One of them, Rami Ahmad Alsayeed, also known as "Syria Pioneer" has been killed last night in the offensive on Homs which left 45 civilians dead on Tuesday.

Here is a video of Rami Ahmad Alsayeed's body after he died.


More than a hundred people were killed in Syria on Tuesday, including 55 in Idlib and 45 in Homs.

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