Moroccan rapper sentenced to 1 year in prison for song about police corruption

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A Moroccan court sentenced rapper Mouad Belghouat also known as El7a9d to a year in prison for making a video that was deemed insulting to the police and official institutions.

According to the first reports, the young rapper was condemned in the absence of his lawyers.

Mouad was arrested on March 29 when policemen turned up at his house and told him he was under arrest. Belghouat was later notified that he was being charged with public offence order.

Mouad Belghouat is a young rapper from Casablanca and member of the February 20 movement, a pro-democracy movement which led many of the protests organized last year in the country.

On Twitter the hashtag #Freel7a9ed has been created soon after he was arrested. Since his arrest many protests have organized to demand his release.

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