Prominent Egyptian activist beaten by 25 men


Nawara Negm, a famous political Egyptian activist, was attacked Wednesday night by 25 men in Maspero, reported local media.

“I finished work at Maspero and crossed the street for a cab to find a young man calling my name and attacked me with the help of 25 so-called men,” told Nawara to Al-Nahar TV, quoted local media. "There was a pro-army protest in front of Maspero ... they are the same men who attacked me,", she added.

TV host and activist Hala Fahmy wrote on her official Facebook page “army soldiers change into civilian clothes before they attacked Nawara [...] When they saw me filming them they surrounded my car. One of the men hit the window with his fist. We left in a hurry before they got the chance to destroy my car”.

Local media report that soldiers witnessed the scene but did not intervene. In response to this attack, the political activist stated “I have to say their beating was harmless. I call for our army to send snipers next time.”

Two men finally came to her rescue.

According to local a video of the beating has been posted on social media, in which we can hear “Why are you beating her?” To this question, one responds “She’s one of those promoting strife between the people and the army”.

Negm was particularly active during Egyptian revolution. She volunteered as a spokesperson of the revolution, and reported reporting her observations to the media, especially Al-Jazeera.

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