Syria: Several students severely injured as security forces attack demo

Round up of the latest developments in Syria

17:36 Video reportedly showing a a heavy military presence in Zabadani today (Damascus suburbs)

17:23 This photo was taken in Insha'at, Homs, by @samsomhoms. As he posted this photo he tweeted "This rubble was once a 3-story residential complex with shops before Assad forces shelled it" 16:51 A we have just reported areas in Homs are under attack. In Adawiyah, Homs, Shabiha broke into houses, stole furniture and kicked people out of their houses. This other video shows the district of Bab Tadmur under attack.

16:45 Many of the towns surrounding Homs have under heavy military attack today, this includes the town of Rastan and Al-Qosair. The district of Khalidiya has also been heavily targeted. The following video reportedly shows heavy shelling in the Homs neighbourhood of Bab Sbaa.

16:40 Turkey has started building a new camp site for 20,000 Syrian refugees in the southeastern province of Sanliurfa to be ready "for any scenario," the provincial governor said Wednesday. Now Lebanon report:

16:35 "Assad has killed so many people that he deserves a fate worse than Qaddafi’s," said Ammar al-Wawi, second-in-command of the rebel Free Syrian Army, has reported now Lebanon. 16:26 Earlier we were reporting about a delegation of the Red cross entering Rastan. A video uploaded onto Youtube shows a car belonging to the Red Cross roaming around Rastan. According to activist @LeShaque the delegation did not distribute help and spent less than 15 minutes in the area.

16:15 The Syrian Regime has postponed a national holiday to organize pro-regime demonstrations tomorrow on the anniversary of the revolution, report the LCCS. They have published a statement in which they report that the 'Teacher day' holiday was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled. They also say that government employees were told not to take vacations on this specific date or they will face a 75% reduction on their monthly pay. The LCCS say this was done in order to organise pro-regime rallies.

15:58An important video found by EA Worldview shows member of the Free Syrian Army destroying a fighter jet in Idlib. The video was uploaded on Youtube today but dates back from the 3rd of March.

15:03 Many students including a female students have been injured at Aleppo University after security forces attacked the demonstration. Some of them are believed to be in critical conditions. 14:56 16 bodies have been discovered in Idlib, report the LCCS. All had torture marks. 14:48 The city of Deraa has been attacked by security forces and tanks have roamed around the area (see 9:58 and10:21 ). There are reports of arrests. An eyewitness told The New York Times that today's raid on Deraa is the biggest since last April, report The Guardian. 14:42 Syria said on Wednesday it had given a positive response to international envoy Kofi Annan's proposals for ending violence after a year of protests against President Bashar al-Assad. Reuters report:

14:20 We were reporting earlier about the situation in Aleppo (see 12:18 and 12:46). The situation seems to have worsened in the past hour. The University is now completely besieges. Students are being prevented from leaving and three students have been shot and suffer from severe injuries. Activist Shakeeb Al-Jabri reports that Air force intelligence have joined the Shabiha to suppress the protest in Aleppo. All classes have been suspended. The following video shows students being fired.

13:08 Activist Shakeeb Al-Jabri reports that A delegation from the Red Cross and the Red Crescent has entered the town of Rastan, north of Homs after they were first stopped at a checkpoint. He tweeted: "A delegation from the Red Cross and the Red Crescent has arrived in Rastan after first being blocked by checkpoints. #Syria" "It is not clear yet what the mission of the Red Cross+Crescent delegation in Rastan is. #Syria"

Round up of the latest events in Syria

12:46 The LCCS report several injured at Aleppo University after security forces opened gunfire on protesters. (see 12:18) 12:41 The Local Co-ordination committees report random shelling, first in Ma'aret Nouman, Idlib (first video) and in Madheq Citadel, Hama (second video)

12:36 Huge crowd has gathered in the streets of Aleppo to protest against the regime and in solidarity with besieged cities.

12:22 Italy is recalling all its embassy personnel from Damascus and suspending all diplomatic activity with Syria. (REUTERS) 12:18 Security forces are firing at protesters at Aleppo University. Livestream below.

12:15 The sound of a huge explosion was heard in the neighbourhoods of Al-Abassiya and Al-Arabain in Deraa, Al-Jazeera reported quoting activists as saying. 12:05The LCCS report that Assad forces fired at protesters demonstration Bokamal (Deir Ezzor). In Qaboun, Damascus, heavy gunfire was heard after a student demonstration started at the Grand Mosque. Regimes forces raided a demonstration at Aleppo University. 25 mortar shells hit the districts of Karam Zeitoun, Bab Dreig, Jab Jandali, and Bab Sbaa in Homs 12:01 Hundreds of Students are now protesting at Aleppo University. Watch the livestream of the protest below.

11:54 A sit-in for lawyers in Aleppo has turned into demonstration, report the LCCS. They demand the end of Assad regime. Here is a video of the protest.

11:53 International mediator Kofi Annan says he has received the Syrian regime’s response to a proposal to end the bloodshed in the country. 11:14 Yet again another video showing the damages caused by the regime's shelling this times in the district of Khalidiya, Homs.

10:43 The town of Rastan is under heavy shelling, report the LCCS. The following footage reportedly shows intense shelling in a residential area in Rastan.

10:21 Just like yesterday, there are a lot of information coming from Syria. In Khalidiya, Homs, sounds of shooting and shelling have been heard throughout the town. Dozens of people have been wounded in the Jib Jandili, Bab Dreib, Safsafa and Ghouta neighbourhoods of Homs. In Idlib province, 6 people have been killed due to intense shelling. In Al-Qousor, Homs, sounds of explosions and heavy machine guns have been heard. A demonstration has been repressed in Idlib this morning as Assad forces fired at protesters. Military reinforcements have been sent to the area of Heffaa in Lattakia. The LCCS say Assad forces are looking for activists. All communications are also reportedly cut off. Heavy gunfire and violent explosions have been heard. At Aleppo University a demonstration was reportedly attacked. The LCCS report that the al-Balad district in Deraa in being stormed by security forces. The following video reportedly shows an army tank in the al-Balad district. Houses are being shelled and some schools are being sieges.

In this video we can hear the sound of gunfire in the same area.

10:01 The following video is one of the lastest films made by Paul Conroy, a British journalist, before being injured in a shelling attack which caused the death of Sunday times correspondent Marie Colvin and being repatriated. "The situation is incredible, it's non-stop bombardment of the civilian area, very little breaks, snipers on all the buildings" he says as he describes the situation in Baba Amr.

9:58 Syrian security forces launched a campaign of arrests and shelled the southern Syrian city of Daraa, Al-Jazeera quoted activists as saying on Wednesday. 9:50 Two Turkish journalists, Adem Özköse Middle East correspondent for Gerçek Hayat and Hamit Coşkun his cameraman, have gone missing in Syria, report Al-Jazeera this morning. The last time their families heard from them was four days ago when they told them they had reached Idlib.

Round up of the latest developments in Syria

  • Syrian army has regained control of Idlib last night after four days of fightings. An activist said the Free Syrian Army has withdrawn from the area.
  • The Local Co-ordination Committees of Syria reported 46 deaths across the country.
  • Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has set May 7 for parliamentary elections. Victoria Nuland, spokesperson for the United States Department of State, said that to hold parliamentary elections "in the middle of the kind of violence that we've seen across the country, it's ridiculous"
  • Three prominent opposition members resigned from the Syrian National Council on Tuesday, saying they have given up on trying to make the group a more effective player in the revolt against President Bashar al-Assad's rule, Reuters report.
  • The UN high Commissioner for Refugees says 230,000 Syrians have fled their homes in the past year. 30,000 have fled abroad and 200,000 are displace within the country.
  • Human rights watch report today that Syrian forces have placed landmines near the borders with Lebanon and Turkey in recent weeks and months. Civilian casualties have already resulted, the witnesses said. Human Rights Watch called on the Syrian to stop using antipersonnel landmines adding that planting landmines is internationally banned.

Photo courtesy of Mulham Al-Jundi

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