Thousands protest on one year anniversary of Saudi forces deployment to Bahrain

Thousands of people protested on Friday in Bahrain for the anniversary of the deployment of Saudi forces in the country during the month-long uprising which has left more than 35 dead.

Important figures belonging to the opposition delivered speeches such as Ali Salman, president of Al-Wefaq, the main opposition society in Bahrain. He asked the prime minister to resign and compensation for those affected psychologically, physically, morally and materially by the crackdown and the violence which has swept the country over the past year. The president of Al-Wefaq also demanded the release of all political prisoners especially Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, father of activist Zainab al-Khawaja, who has entered his fifth week of a hunger strike to protest ongoing detentions in Bahrain. Salman finally called for a national reconciliation.

Other figures such as MP Ali Asheeri also addressed the audience saying that if perpetrators of atrocities and members of the police were not held accountable for the crimes they committed against the Bahraini population, the regime will inevitably fall. The Poet A'ayat Qurmozi also read a poem about theft, murder and political naturalization.

Majority Shi'ites, who complain of political and economic marginalisation, led a protest movement that erupted in February last year after revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, only to be crushed in mid-March when the government imposed martial law and brought in Saudi and United Arab Emirates troops. More than a year after the beginning of the uprising, the opposition continue their struggle against the Sunni Muslim Al Khalifa family, which has ruled the Shi'ite-majority country for more than two centuries.

Photo courtesy of @SaidYousif

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