UK withdraws diplomatic staff from Iran after embassy attack

The UK has withdrawn all diplomatic staff from Iran, and has expelled Iranian diplomats based in London, following the attack on the UK embassy in Tehran yesterday.

Iran said student protestors, identified by Iranian media and authorities as students, stormed the embassy compound and briefly took 6 embassy staff hostage.

William Hague, the foreign secretary says he has requested the closure of the Iranian embassy in London, but denies this signifies a total severance of relations between the two countries.

Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband warned that condemnations of Iran should not to lead to a "drumbeat of war". However the foreign secretary says the UK is not advocating military action in Iran.

The UK will expel Iranian diplomats in London until further notice, and has issued a statement whereby all Iranian diplomats must leave Britain within the next 48 hours.

The Iranian news agency FARS said the Iranian Foreign Ministry voiced "regret" over the Tuesday incidents at the British embassy.

More on Blottr's coverage of yesterday's attack on the British Embassy:

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