[VIDEO] Violence erupts at São Paulo's carnival

The São Paulo's Carnival Award Ceremony was live on Brazilian TV yesterday and everything seemed to be normal until a man jumped security gates which protect the official results and trophies, and tore up the papers with the official results before the end of the ceremony (pictured).

After the man jumped the gates, a riot was began as other vandals started knocking over tables, damaging trophies, fighting, destroying property inside and outside the Sambadrome and even setting fire to some of the samba school's floats parked outside the Anhembi complex.

The man who first invaded the scene, Tiago Ciro Tadeu Farias, 29, has been arrested. He was wearing a shirt of samba school Império de Casa Verde, which, according to the results that had already been read before the incident, was not going to take one of the top spots in the competition.

The samba school Mocidade Alegre was declared champion, as they were in the lead before the disruption.

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