Video shows decomposing bodies found in Homs' hospital [WATCH]

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A very graphic video has emerged on Youtube showing some of the decomposing bodies found in the Homs' hospital which was liberated by the Free Syrian Army on Monday.

The Revolutionary Council of Homs report (via the Guardian):

Assad's forces took over the National Hospital some time ago and turned it into a military barrack. There have been reports of injured people being taken there and tortured to death, in addition to the retaining of the bodies of people killed by Assad forces.

Assad snipers have been actively targeting civilians from the hospital, making the surrounding areas very dangerous for any kind of movement. The Free Syrian Army went in to take over the hospital and put an end to these attacks against innocent civilians.

As of now, there is still at least one part of the hospital occupied by a group of soldiers from the Assad army. We have received reports about bodies being discovered inside the hospital, but these reports have not yet been confirmed, and the exact number is not yet available.

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